New Mitsubishi Mirage

New Mitsubishi Mirage
  • Outstanding efficiency
  • Punchy 1.2-litre engine
  • Advanced safety
  • Low CO₂ emissions
  • Double-tiered roof spoiler
  • Colour-keyed bodywork
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Mitsubishi Mirage

Compact, featherlight and nippy, the enduring Mitsubishi Mirage is ideal for driving around urban streets or rural lanes. Designed to slip seamlessly through the air, this compact features a double-tiered rear spoiler and sculpted lines, with colour-keyed bodywork. Inside the cabin, everyone is kept happy with comfortable seating and a superb entertainment system. Not relying on its stylish looks and well-equipped interior however, the Mirage is also exceptionally efficient, reaching an impressive 68.9 mpg with CO₂ emissions as low as 96 g/km.

Mirage Features

Mitsubishi Mirage - Comfortable

Heated Front Seats

Travel in supreme comfort thanks to Mirage’s comfortable and supportive seating, with the option of heated front seats. Choose between high and low settings to make cold mornings cosy.
Mitsubishi Mirage - Entertainment

Mitsubishi Multi Entertainment System

A 7-inch LCD colour touchscreen displays Mirage’s Multi Entertainment System. With satellite navigation and music via a CD player, streaming, SD and Bluetooth functionality, this compact delivers driving fun.
Mitsubishi Mirage - Performance

Low Running Costs

Keep running costs to a minimum with the practical Mirage. The 3-cylinder, 1.2-litre engine offers efficient performance of up to 68.9 mpg, while the aerodynamic body boosts fuel economy.
Mitsubishi Mirage - Welcoming

Climate Control

Mirage’s welcoming interior is kept comfortable by a handy air conditioning system. Complete with air filter, the climate control maintains optimum temperature with the aid of an easy-to-read screen.


Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi Mirage

More Features

Mitsubishi Mirage - Safety

Advanced Safety

Mirage has been designed with your safety in mind. Equipped with a range of protective features from daytime running lights to 6 airbags, this compact is kept stable with ABS and EBD.
Mitsubishi Mirage - Infotainment

Parking Aids

Manoeuvring can be tricky. But don’t worry – Mirage offers rear parking sensors and a reversing camera (displayed on the 7-inch infotainment screen), helping you to fit into the tightest spots.
Mitsubishi Mirage - Button Start

Keyless Operation System

With Mirage, there’s no need to fumble for your keys. Transmitters recognise your key fob when it’s near, allowing you to enter the car and start the engine at the touch of a button.
Mitsubishi Mirage - Environmental

Low CO₂ Emissions

An exceptionally clean car, Mirage’s aerodynamic shape, lightweight frame and efficient engine reduce CO₂ emissions, keeping them as low as 96 g/km. Protect the environment while travelling in style.

Mirage Colours

Mitsubishi Mirage - Available in Verve Atlantic Grey

Verve Atlantic Grey

Mitsubishi Mirage - Available in Verve Polar White

Verve Polar White

Mitsubishi Mirage - Available in Verve Sand Yellow

Verve Sand Yellow

Mitsubishi Mirage - Available in Verve Reef Blue

Verve Reef Blue

Mitsubishi Mirage - Available in Verve Red Metallic

Verve Red Metallic

Mitsubishi Mirage - Available in Verve Purple Berry

Verve Purple Berry

Mitsubishi Mirage - Available in Verve White Diamond

Verve White Diamond

Mitsubishi Mirage - Available in Verve Cosmos  Black

Verve Cosmos Black

For the trim levels, colours and more detailed info, download or order the Mitsubishi Mirage brochure

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Car and Driver
The Mirage is manoeuvrable, its one-tonne weight is easy to throw around and its controls are effortless.
Car and Driver
The Guardian
The Mirage is more slippery than any of its class rivals. Heck, it's practically a fish.
The Guardian
Good manners in town, decent performance, plenty of space.
New Mitsubishi Mirage
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