New Mitsubishi L200

New Mitsubishi L200 5 Series
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Easy manoeuvrability
  • 3,100 KG towing capacity
  • 700-mile range
  • Low CO₂ emissions
  • Keyless operation
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Mitsubishi L200

The Mitsubishi L200 Series 6 is an incredible machine. It’s the first ever pick-up that’s as good to drive as an SUV, with a damped ride, nimble handling and a high level of refinement. This makes it as capable a daily driver as it is a workhorse, and the smooth 2.2-litre turbo-diesel engine does its bit to put a smile on your face with its thumping 400Nm of torque. There’s a 3.5-tonne tow capacity, a payload capacity of 625kg and an advanced 4WD system to help you get the job done. You have the choice of a club cab or double cab body style and the following trim levels to suit your budget: 4 Life, Challenger, Trojan, Warrior, Barbarian, and Barbarian X.

L200 Features

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Super Select 4WD System

Super Select 4WD System

Designed for power and performance, L200’s Super Select 4WD system allows you to tackle all-terrain driving whether in 2WD or 4WD mode. Transitioning smoothly between its 4 driving modes, L200 is surefooted in any environment.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Unrivalled Total Load Capacity

Unrivalled Total Load Capacity

L200 has a greater total load capacity (trailer plus load bed) than any other pickup in its class, at a whopping 4,090 KG. This powerhouse is ready for whatever challenge you throw at it.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Trailer Stability Assist

Trailer Stability Assist

To stay secure when towing heavy loads, L200 is equipped with Trailer Stability Assist. Designed to correct any instances of instability when towing, this system keeps you on the right track.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - SD Multi Communication System

SD Multi Communication System

Access your satellite navigation, hands-free calling and music through L200’s easy to use Multi Communication Centre. The 7-inch HD touchscreen features voice-recognition technology, and even displays the reversing camera view.


Mitsubishi L200 5 Series
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series

More Features

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Advanced Safety

Advanced Safety

Engineered for your protection, L200 has a host of safety features from 7 airbags to hill start assist, emergency stop signal, LED daytime running lights, Bi-Xenon headlights and an adjustable speed limiter.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Dual-Zone Climate Control

Dual-Zone Climate Control

It can be tricky to agree on a temperature setting, so L200 lets each side of the vehicle choose their own. The dual-zone climate control system is there to keep everyone comfortable.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning

As soon as you start to veer from your lane when travelling at over 40mph, L200 will let you know. A windscreen camera monitors your road position and triggers visual and audible alerts.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - M-ASTC


L200 is kept on track with an intelligent Active Stability and Traction Control system. If any slippage or loss of grip occurs, M-ASTC will stabilise the pickup and alter engine output.

L200 Colours

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Polar White

Polar White

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Electric Blue

Electric Blue

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Cosmos Black

Cosmos Black

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Aztec Red

Aztec Red

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Atlantic Grey

Atlantic Grey

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Amazon Green

Amazon Green

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The Mitsubishi L200 sets the standard in the pick-up class.
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With off-road ability to potentially embarrass a NASA moon buggy, and a go-anywhere/carry anything attitude for less than £30k tested, it’s a Swiss Army knife among cars.
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Lots of equipment, snarling looks and plenty of power.
New Mitsubishi L200
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