shogun sport
Shogun Sport Introducing the Shogun Sport Starting From £29,985.00

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport range

Discover the models in the Shogun Sport range from the 3 Auto to the Shogun Sport Commercial.

Wherever the job takes you

Engineered for power and precision to give you all the grip and grunt you need, exactly when you need it. Shogun Sport will tackle any terrain, taking you wherever you want to go.

3.1 tonnes of real pulling power

Shogun Sport is built to tow. Providing power and stability to haul anything from farm machinery to building supplies with confidence.

Room for all of it

Seats for seven adults when they're up, 1,488 litres of cargo space when they're down. Shogun Sport will swallow you whole.

Safety without compromise

The Shogun Sport comes with a host of intelligent features that takes passenger and driver safety to a whole new level.

All your favourite apps right where you want them

Inside the Shogun Sport, you’ve got various ways to connect with your music or your apps depending on which model you choose.

The power to take you anywhere

The Shogun Sport series is powered by a 2.4 Litre engine and 8-speed transmission which gives you the power to go anywhere.

A car with character

Shogun Sport is broad and imposing, with a powerful, confident presence, as at home in the suburbs and the city as it is in the scrap yard or the depot.

From the DNA of the legendary Shogun

The Shogun Sport had its origins in the Shogun which we launched back in 1982. The Shogun was a pioneer of a new generation of SUVs.